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This Onyx Marble Vanity in Chicago Was Brought Back to Its Original Beauty with a Stone Honing Service

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October 31, 2016

Having an onyx vanity is all about luxury and glamor. One of the things people love the most is the details in the veining and the contrasting colors you find in the stone. Its pastel shades of golden honey and brown swirls give it an elegant touch. Onyx marble is a visual feast for the eyes, but despite its beauty and attractiveness, it is not for everyone. Onyx requires great care. It needs to be sealed to prevent it from absorbing water and liquids, which can stain the stone and are hard to remove. Since it is a soft stone, it etches easily. That is exactly what happened to this homeowner's vanity top. It was etched, stained, and its original shine was nowhere to be found.

Before and After picture of Onyx Marble Vanity Brought Back to its Original Beauty with a Stone Honing Service in Chicago
This homeowner was shocked. He made a significant investment when he bought it, and now it looked nothing like the glamorous vanity top he once had. He tried some DIY recipes he found on the Internet, just to realize, after many failed attempts, that he needed a professional to tackle the situation. He did not know anyone who could do the job, so he asked his friends and family for recommendations. His neighbor had a problem similar to his, and he recommended him to search the web for a Chicago stone honing service. He found us in the top results, so he delved into our website, read the reviews, and gave us a call for a free quote.

When our stone restoration team arrived at the homeowner's house, they inspected the vanity top and found that it was etched and stained. They already suspected that the homeowner was not using the right products, so they decided to ask him how he cared for his onyx vanity top. The homeowner showed our team the products he used to clean his vanity, and they were not surprised to see he used acidic cleaners.
When onyx comes into contact with acidic substances, the stone begins to dissolve, creating dull spots, commonly known as etch marks. To bring back the vanity top's beauty, our team told the homeowner that they would perform a honing service.

Our specialists first used stone-friendly chemicals and buffing tools to hone the damaged stone until it regained its smoothness. This process removed etches and stains caused by the acidic substances. Then, they proceeded to polish the stone using buffing compounds of a higher grit to give the onyx vanity top a glossy finish.

When they finished the job, they called the homeowner so he could check the job. The homeowner was surprised by how Sir Grout's team managed to bring back the shine of his onyx vanity. All the tension he felt went away. He no longer had to renew his vanity, and for only a fraction of the cost, it now looked like new. He thanked our team for the fantastic service.

One of the most important things for us is customer service, so we strive to keep our clients happy by offering them a superior service and educating them on how to maintain their stone surfaces. So, before leaving, our team gave the homeowner a few recommendations. The number one thing he had to do was ditch all the acidic cleaners and use only pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaners. Another best practice is to pour the cleaner on a soft cloth and never directly onto the onyx, since it can absorb too much of it. If any spills occur, they should be blot up with a paper towel.

Is your vanity etched like the one in the image above? Then, Sir Grout Chicago is your best choice. Call us at (773) 923-2084 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form to set up an appointment for a free evaluation.

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