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There Is Hope for Moldy Tiles! Our Tile Cleaning Service Worked Wonders on This Bathroom in Chicago, IL

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August 10, 2017

Mold is many homeowners' enemy. This problem always threatens to come back, regardless of how many strategies are applied to eradicate it. The main reason why mold is so stubborn is that the conditions for its growth are rather easy to be created in homes, even unknowingly. It thrives best in humid environments with poor ventilation, warm temperatures, and dim lights; for this reason, bathrooms are places where we commonly see mold grow. This homeowner had tried many different methods to keep her shower free of mold, but no DIY recipe or common household cleaner was enough to give her a long-lasting solution. She realized that her resources were no longer effective and that professional help was needed. A neighbor who previously called us to clean his shower highly recommended us as the best company for a Tile Cleaning service in Chicago. This neighbor had moldy shower tiles and floor, and our service resulted in a perfectly clean bathroom where mold hadn't returned. Hearing this success story, our client promptly scheduled a home consultation on our website.

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During the assessment, our technicians noticed the reasons why mold had been coming back. First, the bathroom door was always closed, which led to lack of ventilation and kept humidity trapped. Second, the owner took hot showers so there was high condensation and the warm temperature was kept locked in. With these two conditions, it was not strange that regular cleanups with vinegar and common household cleaning products were not helping to eliminate mold. The root causes needed to be tackled, and as our client learned, cleaning was not enough if other factors were hampering her efforts! After our helpful explanation, she was happy to finally find out why her maintenance routine had been ineffective, and she instructed us to start our work as soon as possible.

To remedy the problem, we did two different services on the shower: cleaning and epoxy re-grouting. For the first step, our crew took a steam cleaner and a neutral cleaning solution to eliminate the deep-seated mold in the grout lines. The cleaning solution was applied to the tiles and grout and left to sit for a few minutes. After this, the steam cleaning began. Steam is very efficient at mold removal, because the high temperature loosens up the mold, saving a lot of physical effort, and purifies the surface at the same time, killing pathogens from mold and bacteria. For the next step, our technicians also did epoxy re-grouting; they removed the old grout completely, and then re-grouted with a high-quality epoxy material that offers protection from water, humidity, mold, mildew, and stains. Additionally, this material comes in different colors, so that they client can choose the hue that best matches their tiles or décor. Epoxy grout is hard and resistant, so it can be scrubbed and it won't crack or peel, like cementitious or silicone grout usually does, facilitating routine cleaning. After both procedures, we wiped the shower thoroughly to get rid of any product residue.

Even though our services guarantee long-lasting protection against mold, its definitive eradication is a matter of prevention. Our experts explained to our client that whenever mold is a problem, all the probable causes need to be carefully analyzed and consistently avoided. Keeping moisture levels low with proper ventilation, regular cleaning, and regular check-up for leaks ensures the durability of our professional cleaning service. In addition to this, it is important to avoid highly acidic cleaners. Also, it is advised not to use big amounts of product; too much cleaner might cause residue buildup, which will attract grime and be difficult to eliminate. A small amount of product is enough to get the surface clean, and it must be wiped thoroughly. Last, but not least, it's good to keep the shower free of soap scum and grime with neutral products, and squeegee the shower after every use. Soap scum forms when soapy residues and minerals in water react and produce a scaly white film or a stain that makes tiles and grout look dingy. For maximum care, other bathroom accessories, such as shower doors or curtains, should be cared for in the same way. Doors should be squeegeed and curtains should be allowed to dry completely with proper ventilation.

Our client's expectations were not only met, but also exceeded, and she was very grateful for our help in every step of the process. It was great for her to see that the recurrent mold that soiled her shower was finally gone, this time for long; crisp clean tiles and grout really made a difference in this formerly dingy-looking shower. One of the most satisfactory results of this renovation was the fact that cleanup is going to be a lot easier from now on. As a busy housewife, she knows how valuable time is, and facilitating cleaning means having more available time for other tasks. This is how our high-quality cleaning and epoxy re-grouting services can provide you with benefits that go beyond the renewed appearance of hard surfaces at home, helping you to save time and effort!

Sir Grout Chicago is your choice for the best quality in hard surface restoration services. For an in-home consultation, call us at (773) 923-2084 or fill out the 'Request a Quote' form on this website.

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