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Out with the Old and In with the New Thanks to Our Lake Forest, IL Stone Sealing

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July 19, 2018

Some interior design styles are timeless, while others get old over time. Fortunately, a stone sealing service in Lake Forrest, IL was enough to make a dull and out-of-style slate from the 1960s look modern again.

Before and after Picture of a Stone Sealing Job Done in Lake Forest, IL
The sixties were a decade of change. Science and technology were on the rise, mainstream society was being breached with trends brought about by rebellious thoughts. It was the era of the space race, cold war, and the Vietnam war, countered by flower power, egalitarian debates, and a touch of post-war flamboyance.

With so much going on, it comes as no surprise that the decade left a mark on the way we look at interior design. If you look inside anyone's home, there is at least one element that you can associate with that era. From the "S" shaped furniture to the colorful pop art, there's so much we've inherited from the sixties.

There are some things that have changed and probably should remain buried in the past. Things such as TV trays, beaded curtains, shag carpeting and lava lamps we could do without, just as one young woman's glossy stone floor. She inherited a house in Lake Forrest, IL, from her grandmother, fully furnished and decorated to 1960s standards.

There was some great stuff she could adapt to her modern décor, but there was one element she simply couldn't drag out the door and offer in a yard sale. It was the glossy, outdated stone floor in the living room.

Naturally, the young woman asked all her friends and relatives for ideas and alternatives about how to solve the stone floor dilemma, and that's when she first heard about Sir Grout. A friend had a similar problem with a stone countertop and advised her to call us. After a quick Google search, she found our number and called us to book an in-home evaluation.

Sir Grout Chicago's In-Home Evaluation

As expected, our hard surface experts arrived on the agreed-upon day to take a look at the young woman's stone living room floor. As the woman had explained on the phone, the 1960's stone floor looked quite dull and dirty. They assumed it had most likely not received any professional maintenance in years.

To address the problem, our team recommended stripping off the coating and performing a deep clean on the entire stone floor to get rid of all the accumulated dirt on its surface. Next, they would apply Stone Armor, not only to protect the stone, but to give it the natural matte look she was looking for. Happy with the assessment, the young woman agreed to the services and set up a date for that very week.

The Cleaning and Sealing Service

A couple of days later, our crew of technicians were at her door to get the job started. After getting the area and their equipment ready, they began by carefully stripping the stone floor of its outdated coating. They used our proprietary pH neutral stone safe cleaner and a high-speed scrubber to remove all traces of dirt from the stone surface. They followed with a steam cleaner for hard-to-reach areas and to remove any residual coating.

After ensuring the floor was clean, dry, and completely free of coating, they began to apply the Stone Armor stone and grout sealer. They dispersed the product evenly upon the stone floor for uniform coverage and maximum penetration. Approximately 20 minutes later, when the sealer was dry, they proceeded to buff the floor until a nice and even matte finish was achieved.

The Results

When our crew finished their work on the stone, the living room floor looked amazing. It was no longer the dull stone floor with an outdated shiny coating they first encountered. It looked clean, modern, and completely new.

Once they cleared the room of their equipment, they asked the woman to step in and take a look at the results. She was extremely pleased with the outcome. She said it was exactly what she was looking for and couldn't wait to see how it looked with her modern furniture and decorations.

Before leaving, our group of technicians advised her not to place any furniture on the stone floor for at least 4 hours after the sealant's application. For care and maintenance, they recommended regularly dusting the stone surface to prevent scratches and dirt accumulation. They also suggested using non-acidic, soap-free pH-neutral products when cleaning to keep the stone from suffering chemical damage.

A Sir Grout Stone Sealing Service near You!

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