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Our Stone Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL Rescued This Beautiful Natural Stone Shower from Mold

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November 09, 2018

It's very common for mold and mildew to be found in showers because they are constantly exposed to humidity and water. Every shower you take wets the surfaces and creates puddles that can easily lead to mold and mildew growth. Even though the best way to avoid these organic growths is to keep shower enclosures dry and properly ventilated, sometimes it is necessary to take extra measures to keep the shower's surfaces in good shape.

Before and after Picture of This Shower after a Stone Cleaning Service Done in Chicago, IL
A homeowner from Chicago, IL took pride in her ability to keep the beautiful natural stone shower in the master bathroom clean. She always made sure to thoroughly clean the tiles and grout lines at least once a week. During one of her weekly cleaning sessions, she noticed the tiles on the shower's ceiling and upper sections of the walls had dark spots. After a few hours of hard scrubbing, she successfully restored the appearance of the tiles. At the time, the homeowner didn't know that these spots would soon become a problem that only our stone cleaning professionals in Chicago, IL would be able to solve.

The homeowner realized that no matter how hard she tried to remove them, the dark spots would always come back a few days later. She decided to go online and look for advice. Shortly after, she learned these spots were black mold. This type of organism is impossible to remove with regular cleaning methods. Mold can also cause health problems, so it's best to eradicate it from any surface. To do this, most of the sites she found suggested hiring professionals. Convinced that it was the best course of action, the homeowner searched for stone cleaners in her area and found our website within the top results. After she read some of the reviews left by previous customers and browsed our before and after gallery, she called to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

On the scheduled day, our crew arrived at the client's home to assess the shower. They quickly understood why the homeowner was concerned. The majority of the stone tiles on the ceiling were covered with black mold. The grout lines and caulk had also been affected by mold growth. Upon inspecting the floor, our techs noticed pink mold was also growing on the shower's floor. Even though it isn't as dangerous as its black counterpart when it comes to health, it can compromise the integrity of any surface.

After testing the state of the grout's sealant, our experts found that it had completely worn off, making it easier for water to seep into the floor's grout. The homeowner asked our team how mold had managed to grow on the ceiling. They explained to her that certain types of organic growths only need humid environments to thrive. Simple things like the steam produced by a hot shower or the excess water drying and evaporating into the air can increase the humidity in showers. It is also worth noting that due to their porosity, the natural stone tiles facilitated the expansion of the mold throughout the surface.

Before and after Picture of a Natural Stone Shower Now Free from Mold after a Stone Cleaning Job in Chicago, IL
To remove the mold, our experts offered the homeowner a thorough stone cleaning service. They also offered to seal the shower's fixtures with two variations of ColorSeal, our proprietary sealant. During this process, they would also replace the moldy caulk with epoxy grout. This step by step process would ensure the shower remained mold free for years to come. The client agreed to the service and scheduled an appointment for later that week.

On the day of the job, our experts began cleaning the shower's surfaces. To do this, they soaked the entire shower with a pH-neutral stone-safe cleaner. This cleaner also contains enhanced properties that help inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. Next, they used a vapor steam cleaner and a high-speed scrubber to remove the mold from the tiles and grout lines. After they got rid of all the bad grout, they removed the moldy caulk.

When they finished the cleaning process, our experts began sealing the grout lines on the shower's surfaces with two variations of our flagship sealant, ColorSeal. This cutting-edge sealer completely seals the grout's pores and makes it resistant to water, dirt, mold, mildew, and other external agents. First, they used an acrylic-based mix to seal the grout lines on the shower's walls and ceiling. Next, they used an epoxy ColorSeal on floor's grout lines. This epoxy-based mix is especially made to prevent the damage caused by excess moisture. To finish, our experts regrouted the shower's joints with epoxy grout.

When they finished, they let the homeowner see the shower. She was very happy with the results. Sir Grout Chicago had inhibited the mold and with that, her concerns. She thanked our techs and said she would recommend our services.

Before leaving, our experts gave the customer some care tips to keep the shower looking great. First, they recommended cleaning once a week with a pH-neutral stone-safe cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This cleaner's enhanced properties will help ensure surfaces remain mold-free. Second, they suggested keeping the enclosure well ventilated and wiping away the excess water with a dry cloth after every shower. These two practices will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

When your showers are riddled with mold, it's best to call the leading experts in the field of hard surface restorations. Here at Sir Grout Chicago, we have the necessary tools and expertise to solve your problem. Call us at (773) 923-2084 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form at the bottom of this page to set up a free in-home evaluation today. Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest news and promotions.

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