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A Worn Shower Was Completely Revitalized after a Professional Stone Cleaning Service in Chicago, IL

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March 15, 2019

Cleaning the bathroom can be one of the most time-consuming chores in this house. For this reason, it is often neglected, which can cause a grimy appearance. This can result in many problems, including grout deterioration. This is because the stone and the grout around the tile lines are, in many cases, porous and absorbs moisture from the environment. This allows the surface to collect dirt, grime, and soap scum, which can then lead to mold and mildew. This not only gives the bathroom a run-down appearance, it can pose a serious health risk.

 Before and after Picture of This Shower Revitalized Thanks to a Our Stone Cleaning Job in Chicago, IL
One of our clients, a homeowner in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago, IL, was one of those who neglected the shower in a spare bedroom. Since the room hadn't been used in quite a while, the shower was beginning to show signs of neglect. A friend was due to visit and the homeowner wanted to get the shower back in shape for her visit. She cleaned the bedroom and began to work on the shower, but it didn't take her long to realize she would need to find professional stone cleaning in Chicago.

She called a friend and told her about her issues with the shower. Her friend said she would help with the shower. She arrived later in the day with bleach, baking soda, and vinegar. She also had a few DIY methods she'd read in a magazine. They spent a great deal of time working on the shower, but it was soon obvious they weren't going to be able to achieve any successful results. Lisa, now frustrated, decided she needed to find professional help. The shower was way beyond dirty. It was nearly falling apart. She immediately went online and searched for Chicago stone cleaning services. In the top search results, she found Sir Grout Chicago. She was immediately impressed with our outstanding reputation as a leading company in the industry. She spent some time on our website, reading the positive feedback we'd received over the years. This convinced her we were the professionals she was looking for, so she filled out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Our team of professionals arrived for the appointment ready to examine the shower. We immediately saw the many issues with the shower. The floor was stained, the grout lines were cracking, and the caulking along the joints was broken. Even the stone was beginning to show severe wear and tear. There was even mold and mildew settling in, which we knew was a serious health threat. It was clear this shower suffered from a lack of proper maintenance and would benefit from our Chicago stone cleaning service.

Before and after Picture of This Worn Shower Completely Revitalized after Our Stone Cleaning Job Done in Chicago, Il
After discussing with the client the potential hazards of having the shower in this state, we proposed a complete grout and stone cleaning service to restore the shower and get rid of all the issues and potential health problems. The client was excited to hear her shower was not beyond repair. She set up an appointment with us to return to take care of the issues in her shower.

We returned to the client's house on the appointed date to proceed with our work on the shower. The job was a multi-stage process that began with our team cleaning the walls of the shower using Sir Grout's proprietary stone and grout cleaner. We used a gentle high speed scrubber to remove the stains, dirt, and soap scum, then we used a steam cleaner to eliminate the mold and mildew. For the stone honing service, we used three sets of pads, gradually increasing the grit level until we removed all the scratches and blemishes from the stones. We followed this by polishing the stone with a series of abrasive materials and powders, grinding until we achieved the desired finish. This is a highly- effective method of reviving worn stone and making it look brand-new again, but it takes a professional's care and knowledge to achieve.

We finished the job by applying a special sealer on the stone and our proprietary ColorSeal to all the grout lines to revive their original color and to give them protection for the future.

When the shower was finished, we invited our client to view the results. She was almost speechless. She was amazed by the new appearance of the shower and could not thank us enough for the job we'd performed. She said she would recommend our Chicago stone cleaning services to all her friends, neighbors, and family.

At Sir Grout, we use the most effective and professional techniques and products to ensure long term results. Our ColorSeal is a top of the line product designed to last as long as the grout lasts. This product makes grout look new again while protecting it from wear and tear. Not only do we perform professional grout cleaning and restoration services, stone honing services, and other stone services, we take the time to teach our clients how to preserve the job we do for them. It's our way of helping them get the most out of Sir Grout's services.
As we do with all our clients, we gave our homeowner some recommendations to help her maintain the restored look of her shower:
  • Always keep the bathroom dry and well ventilated.
  • Use soap-free pH-neutral cleaners that won't leave a sticky residue.
  • Keep the stone dry using a towel or a terry cloth and remove dirty water or residue from cleaners.
  • Remove dirt and dust regularly. Walking on a dirty surface can cause scratches.
  • Avoid using soap-based cleaners because they leave a film that will attract dirt and cause mold and mildew growth.
With these few tips and recommendations, our client would be able to keep her shower in great shape.

If you're shower is looking dirty or your stone surfaces are in need of repair, Sir Grout Chicago's professional restoration services can bring them back to life. We offer qualified, experienced assistance for any of your hard surface restoration needs. Put your mind at ease and contact us by calling (773) 923-2084. You can also fill out the "Request a Quote" form for a free evaluation in your home. We will be happy to help you. Don`t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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