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A Grout Cleaning Job in Wrigleyville, IL, Gives This Kitchen a Brand-New Look

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April 20, 2018

When it comes to choosing a natural stone for a room floor, marble is the most common choice among homeowners due to its luxurious and elegant appearance. Nevertheless, after choosing the stone, it is necessary to choose the right finish. The most popular finishes are honed, polished, and tumbled. A tumbled finish is not as popular as polished. Instead of a shiny polished floor, a tumbled one gives the surface a more natural look with cracked and uneven edges. The latter is the finish our next client chose for her marble kitchen floor.

A Marble Floor Kitchen Renewed in Wrigleyville, Illinois
She had been living in her beautiful home for five years, and she'd never hired a professional grout cleaning service in Wrigleyville, IL to clean her tumbled marble floor. She hadn't thought it was necessary. What she didn't know was that a finish like the one she'd chosen years earlier wasn't easy to maintain due to the cracked, jagged surface. She'd chosen the tumbled finish for the natural stone because of its aged appearance, which she thought fit her kitchen floor, and because one of the best attributes of the tumbled finish is that it is ideal for high traffic areas.

Since the owner had a very busy daily life, she didn't have the time to clean her house as much as she wanted. She had a cleaning routine she tried to fulfill at least once per week, but it wasn't as effective as she expected it to be. She purchased several cleaning products to use them in her sessions, especially on her kitchen floor.

Typically, on cleaning days, she started with the bedroom, then moved to the bathroom and the living room, saving the kitchen for last. As she deep cleaned the tumbled marble, she noticed how her floor was getting dirtier with time. One day, a friend came to visit and asked if she had noticed that her tumbled marble floor was dark. The woman realized that, that was what she'd noticed during cleaning sessions. She wanted to be sure, so she searched for a few photos from when the floor was first installed five years earlier, and sure enough, the kitchen floor was in worse shape. The grout lines had turned black. Her friend told her maybe after a deep cleaning, the floor would go back to its original look. She listened to her friend and decided to do something as soon as possible.

The homeowner had a few days off from work and wanted to dedicate her free time to cleaning her home, including her kitchen floor. On her first day off, she went back to the store to buy some things needed for the house. She bought several products. When she arrived at the house, she started the cleanup right away. Before cleaning the stone floor, she searched some DIY videos and tips to help with the process. After she finished, she was disappointed to see that her efforts were in vain: the floor was not different. The marble and grout lines still looked black. She didn't give up on the floor. She continued the cleaning for days, but still with no results. She realized there was no product or method she could use to change the floor's appearance, so she decided to look for the help of professionals.

The homeowner called a friend from work who had a similar problem with her living room floor. She asked her what she could do to solve the problem. The friend told her that she'd hired Sir Grout Chicago and assured that our services had provided outstanding results. The friend suggested she visit our website for more information. The owner, trusting her friend's opinion, found us online in the search results. She took a look at several pictures on our "Before and After" section and read some testimonials from other clients. She was convinced we were her best option to restore her tumbled marble floor, so she called to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

On the day of the assessment, our team of technicians arrived at the client's house to check the condition of the floor and to offer the most effective solution. She invited us to the kitchen, where our experts noticed both marble and grout were full of dirt. We asked for her cleaning routines. After listening to what she said, our team realized and explained that using harsh products and cleaning methods could damage the floor. Besides, in a high foot traffic area, more dirt accumulates faster. To solve the problem, we offered a complete grout cleaning and sealing service to eliminate the dirt from the floor. The client agreed right away.

Our team of specialists returned to the house to get the job done. The first step was to apply a pH-neutral cleaner all over the kitchen floor. We used a high-speed scrubber to remove the dirt from the stone and grout lines. We finished with a vapor steam cleaner for the hard-to-reach areas.

After the cleaning process, it was time for the final step—sealing the grout lines. To do so, our team used Sir Grout's sealant: ColorSeal. We explained that this product would allow us to recolor the grout while making it water, stain, mold, and mildew resistant to help prevent future damages.

The job was done. Our experts showed the outcome to the customer. She couldn't believe how a grout cleaning service changed the appearance of the entire kitchen. The floor was beautiful, and the black look was no longer there. She thanked us for the wonderful restoration job we performed and mentioned that she would recommend us to anyone who had a similar issue.

Before we left, we gave our client a few tips to help her maintain the kitchen floor's new, beautiful appearance. First, we recommended she never use soap-based cleaners because they leave a sticky residue that attracts grime. We also explained that stone floors should be resealed at least once a year to protect them and make future cleaning easier.

If your grout lines are full of dirt and grime, do not waste your time. We are your best option for solving the problem! At Sir Grout Chicago, we have experienced professionals to provide the best hard restoration services. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling (773) 923-2084 or filling out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home consultation. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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