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Damaged Marble Shower in Highland Park is Beautifully Restored with Proper Stone Cleaning and Sealing Service

March 02, 2016

Showers with natural stone floors tend to be aesthetically pleasing but are usually one of the most challenging surfaces to maintain. This area becomes susceptible to stains, soap scum buildup, and of course, hard water spots. It is very important to perform routine maintenance by applying caulk along the shower flooring and walls. If certain bonding agents, such as silicone, grout, or caulking around your shower floor and walls begin to peel or crack, then water can get behind the stone tiles and promote the growth of mildew and mold.

Damaged Marble Shower in Highland Park is Beautifully Restored with Proper Stone Cleaning and Sealing Service

Before calling us, our client, a nice lady from Chicago, noticed that the marble floor on her shower was now discolored and dull, while the grout lines that were holding the stone in place were also dirty-looking. She had tried everything to clean the heavy buildup of soap scum on her marble shower floor, but nothing seemed to work. When our client searched for a Highland Park Stone Cleaning company, she found Sir Grout of Chicago. She was expecting to hear that nothing could be done for her shower. However, in the end, we were able to successfully fix her problem and make another client happy.

Sir Grout uses a pH-neutral cleaner to pre-treat your stone rather than using harsh soaps that can etch or damage stone surfaces. Depending on the type of stone you have, we will deep clean even your most delicate stone with our special, soft brush vertical scrubbing system. Marble is a natural stone commonly used in homes as flooring, and it can easily accumulate grime and dirt over time, causing it to become scratched and sometimes etched. Our hard surface restoration experts use different techniques to finish marble surfaces, such as topical coatings, wax penetrating sealers, and color enhancers. Whether you want to see a matte or gloss finish, the type of sealer used will help create that effect. We offer our customers the ability to customize the finish, giving it exactly the look they desire.

This customer had a particularly damaged marble shower floor. She had previously sprayed an aggressive toilet bowl cleaner on the shower floor, which ended up etching the stone and created a chemical marking on the surface of the marble. Our client called us just in time. We knew that the cleaning, sealing, and restoration job was going to be a challenge. Nevertheless, our professionals stepped up to that challenge and were able to fix our client's problem in record time. We removed the chemical etching from the toilet bowl cleaner, honed and resurfaced the marble back to its original beauty, and then resealed the marble to protect it for potential future damage.

Our client was completely satisfied with the work performed by Sir Grout. She told us that she would tell her friends about Sir Grout and that she would call us in the near future for additional work. Nothing makes us happier than the satisfaction of another job well done.

Here at Sir Grout, we want to give you some tips to take proper care of your stone floors. When performing routine cleaning on your stone surfaces, we recommend using only pH-neutral cleaners. This is very important. Avoid using harsh cleaners that contain ammonia or acid, because they can permanently damage and discolor your natural stone surfaces. If you have previously sealed your natural stone surfaces, acid-based cleaners will break through the sealant and etch the surface, so avoid them at all costs! Another tip? Acids such as toilet bowl cleaner should be kept as far away from your marble as possible since they can cause very bad, or even permanent damage to stone.

For a professional stone cleaning and grout recoloring service, look no further -- Sir Grout of Chicago is here to help you. Please fill out the form below to schedule your free evaluation today!

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